The Institute's history goes back to the early days of the University of the West Indies, with the formation of the Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER) in 1948. ISER was established in advance of the faculty of Social Sciences in order to build a solid foundation of empirical data on the Caribbean region and functioned admirably in this capacity for some fifty years.

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Prof. Aldrie Henry-Lee
Mona Campus

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Dr. Hamid Ghany
St. Augustine Campus

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Dr. Don D. Marshall
Cave Hill Campus

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Welcome to SALISES Regional

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Our Research

SALISES is heir to a rich and distinguished history of research inherited from the work of the Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER), which was established at the birth of the University College of the West Indies in 1948. Among the outstanding scholars who were either affiliated to or worked closely with ISER were MG Smith, William Demas, Lloyd Braithwaite, RT Smith, George Cumper, Lloyd Best, CY Thomas, Kari Levitt and Havelock Brewster. Together and individually they were responsible for a range of theoretical interventions as well as empirical investigations that lay the foundations for contemporary social sciences in the Anglophone Caribbean. Further outstanding contributions to theory and research came from, among many others, Carleen O'Loughlin, Alister McIntyre, Joycelin Byrne (now Massiah), Vaughan Lewis, Norman Girvan, Eddie Green, Patrick Emmanuel (ISER Cave Hill), and Selwyn Ryan, Norma Abdullah and Jack Harewood (ISER St Augustine)


In the News

First Female Black Professor at University of Manchester is SALISES Associate Fellow

"As The University of Manchester’s first and currently only Black woman Professor, I’m especially honoured to be featured in this excellent exhibition. I wanted to take part because I want my...

Congratulations to Dr. Natalie Deitrich-Jones and Dr. Godfrey St. Bernard

Congratulations to Dr. Natalie Deitrich-Jones and ...

Congratulations to Dr. Corin Bailey on winning the Principal’s Award for Excellence 2020/2021

Dr. Corin Bailey is the recipient of the Principal’s Award for Excellence 2020/2021 in the Academic Category – Outstanding Research.


CCRC 2020 in the News!

TERRIFYING - Caribbean students express fear of dying, say COVID-19 has wrecked their lives - ...

Navida Bachan (SALISES St. Augustine Ph.D. student) wins prestigious Routledge/Round Table Commonwealth Studentship award

Navida Bachan, a graduate student at UWI, has been awarded a prestigious Routledge/Round Table Commonwealth Studentship award for the academic year 2020-21. Only two such...

Tributes to Wentworth Errol Bowen (Professor Edward Greene and Ms Annie Paul)

Zoom Memorial to his Life. September 27, 2020, 7.30pm. Hosted by Mark Bowen

I pay tribute to an esteemed colleague...

The W Arthur Lewis Page

The W Arthur Lewis Page provides a focal point for all those seeking information on Arthur Lewis and his work, and through which scholars can dialogue on the impact of his work. It provides links to online material on Lewis as well as references to other print and audio visual resources.

It includes an extensive list of his publications and commentaries on his work. Past Lewis events are documented and information is provided on planned events including those which are held annually. Contributions in the form of questions, comments or information about upcoming events are welcomed.

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Professor Aldrie Henry-Lee

Professor Aldrie Henry-Lee

During the month of November: Youth Month, we...

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