SALISES Awarded Projects



 Global Development Partnership Network (GPN)

Co-Investigator/ UWI partner with the University of Kassel, Germany,  for “Global Development Partnership Network (GPN)”  focusing on SDG 17, (2020- 2024),  funded through the DAAD ‘Excellence Centers for Exchange and Development (EXCEED)’- under the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and development in Germany.

The project led by University of Kassel involves a global partnership with universities and partners from civil society in the Global South. It is funded for five years @  €800.000  (euros) annually for doctoral fellowships, workshops, guest lectureships and research visits and projects. The themes for the research areas are:

  1. partnerships in development cooperation,
  2. partnerships in the global economy (with focus on agriculture, energy and finance) 
  3. partnership in knowledge production.

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Horizon Scanning & Foresighting Study for Jamaica’s Third City
Donor:  Urban Development Corporation (UDC)
Partner:  Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD)
Duration: Six Months
Consultants:  Prof. Anthony Clayton (ISD)
Prof. Aldrie Henry-Lee
Dr. Arlene Bailey
Dr. Natalie Dietrich Jones
Dr. Kevin Williams
Ms. Yhanore Johnson-Coke
Ms. Rushana Mighty
Ms. Michelle Williams
Mr. Richard Leach


Climate Change and Disaster
Donor: EU-LAC Foundation -  By The University of the West Indies (Mona), Institute of Development Studies, and the Platform on Disaster Displacement with support from United Nations Environment Programme (Caribbean Environment Programme), the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency, and the Jamaica Red Cross
Duration: Six Months
Consultants:  Dr. Natalie Dietrich Jones


TIP office 2018 International Programs to Combat Child Trafficking in Jamaica
Donor:  US Department of State
Partner:  Institute for Gender & Development Studies (IGDS)
Sub-Award:  Winrock International
Duration: Three Years
Consultants:  Dr. Leith Dunn (IGDS)
Prof. Aldrie Henry-Lee
Dr. Dacia Leslie
Dr. Natalie Dietrich Jones
Ms. Michelle Williams
Mr. Richard Leach
Ms. Kara Harris
Mr. Orin Spence
Ms. Kerry-Coy Virtue


The Rights of Children and Youth Partnership

Dr. Godfrey St. Bernard


Sustainable Island Futures
Dr. Preeya Mohan & Raynata Wiggins


The Conduct of Disability Assessments in Borrowing Member Countries
Donor:  Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)
Partner:  UWI Centre for Disabilities Studies (UWICDS)
Duration: Two Years


Jamaica - U.S. Child Protection Compact Project
Donor:  US Department of State
Partner: Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development
Duration: Three Years


Gender Dimension of Violence Prevention - CPOM
Donor:  UWI Vice Chancellor for Research
Partner: Government of Canada/UNDP
Duration: Five Years


CPOM project in collaboration with Mona Law - 2 volume edited book collection
Donor:  SALISES Crime Prevention and Offender Management (CPOM)
Partner: Mona Law
Duration: Two Years


Food Security at the Time of Climate Change: Sharing and Learning from Bottom-Up Responses in the Caribbean Region
Donor:  UK Research Innovation Global Challenges Research Fund UKRI GCRF 
Partner: University of Bristol
Duration: Two Years