Northover, Patrcia Dr

Patricia Northover, PhD

Profile Statement:

Jamaica Commonwealth/Chevening Scholar, Critical Philosopher and Heterodox Economist working in the field of Post-colonial Development studies, with emphasis on race critical theory, global transformations, rural development and decolonial praxis.

  • Senior Research Fellow, SALISES
  • Chair- Sustainable Rural and Agricultural Development (SRAD) Research Cluster
  • Chair- Sustainable Futures, Policy Brief Series
  • Associate Editor - Cultural Dynamics
  • Co-Founder - Race, Space, Place: The Making And Unmaking Of Freedoms In The Atlantic And Beyond
  • Past Director - Jamaica Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • Past member - Prime Minister’s Advisory Committee, Jamaica
  • Past member - National Biosafety Committee
  • Founding Member - Cambridge Critical Realist Workshop, UK.
  • Founder of the Lemuel Henry Scholarship Program, Excelsior High School


Research Interests

  • Philosophy of Economics and Critical Development Theory
  • The Political Economy of Agrarian Change and Rural Development
  • Small States Double Exposure To Climate Change And Globalization
  • Rural Vulnerability And Sustainable Rural Livelihoods
  • Race And Rurality In Modern World Systems
  • Moral Economy of Markets
  • Decoloniality and the Politics of Blackness
  • Postcolonial Theories Of Race And Inequality
  • Caribbean Futures Studies and the Sustainable Development Agenda

Recent Projects

  • Participation on Bass Project (USA): “Moral Economy of Markets: Constituting and Resisting Relations of Power” with the Kenan Institute of Ethics, Duke University 2018/19
  • Participation on UK-Caribbean Project: “Caricrop: Exploring The Potential Of New Technologies To Support Local And Inter-Regional Agricultural Trade In The Caribbean” with the University of Edinburgh, 2019
  • Contributor on GOJ/UNDP First National Sustainable Development Report for Jamaica, 2018 - Recieved The Principal’s Research Award for The Project with the Greatest Business/ Economic/ Development Impact; SALISES, UWI, Social Sciences, 2019
  • Principal Investigator- Sugar Heritage Film Project, University of the West Indies, SALISES and Government of Jamaica, 2013-18



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2. Crichlow, M., Northover P. and Guisti Cordero, J. (eds) (2018). Race and Rurality in the Global Economy. Binghamton, SUNY Press.



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1. Northover, P. (1999). “Evolutionary Growth Theory and Forms of Realism,” Cambridge Journal of Economics, Vol.23, No. 1, pp. 36-63.

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1. Northover, P (2014) “Development as Freedom” in The Companion to Development  Studies,  Third Edition,  edited by Vandana Desai and Robert Potter, (London: Routledge): 33-38.  



2014 - Most Outstanding Researcher; University of West Indies, Faculty of Social Sciences

2014 - Best Publication Award; University of West Indies, Faculty of Social Sciences (Global South, 2012, 6 (1): 66-86.)

2014 -Research Project with Greatest Multidisciplinary/Cross Faculty collaboration; University of West Indies, Faculty of Social Sciences.  Gender and Youth Assessment: Jamaica REEACH Project

2015  -Fellow of the Year-Award for Excellence in Teaching; Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies ( SALISES).


SRAD Research Cluster

This research group seeks to engage in a process of critical review and analysis of the main factors that need to be addressed for rural spaces to act as a catalyst of empowerment, food security and self-determination in the context of globalization and climate change. The cluster aims to support critical interventions and participatory practices in order to realize a process of equitable, balanced or integrated (spatial) development and sustainable futures.  The members include persons working in the areas of geography, anthropology, sociology, development, post-colonial and critical gender studies and includes policy and industry specialists.


Highlights under SRAD

  • Children’s Animation TV Series- Ms Sugga, Best Caribbean short film finalist in Kingstoon Animation Festival 2019. The film was accepted for the Canadian Caribbean Tales Film Festival and the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival 2019.
  • Adult Documentary TV Series- Sugar Cane: Recycling Sweetness and Power in Modern Jamaica - Film selected for the CARIFESTA edition of the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival, 2019
  • International Conference- Globalization, Climate Change and Rural Resilience (2012)
  • Public Seminar- Valuing Development in Protected Areas: The Goat Island Debate (2014)

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